Kiss Me Goodbye - Espresso (Dark Roast, Whole Bean 340g)

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Our espresso roast is the full package because espresso needn’t be one-dimensional! This blend expresses itself beautifully in every application. Whether used in a french press or as a pour over. Consider this your kiss goodbye to espressos that aren’t able to go the full mile for you. KISS ME GOODBYE ESPRESSO provides your pallet the attention it deserves!  

Don’t settle for anything less than a fully expressive espresso. Move on and divorce yourself from your less inspiring coffee. You deserve better!

Origin: Central and Latin South America Roast
Profile: Dark Roast
Flavour Notes: Nutty, Rich Chocolate, Cane Sugar

This espresso blend was thoughtfully constructed to be flavourful and versatile - so much more than just a dark roast espresso! Your pallet will appreciate the blend's smooth, full body and low acidity. 

Our coffees restore your faith in just how rewarding your relationship with coffee can be… Experiencing one of our coffees for the first time should have the excitement of a first date, your senses enlivened and that connection growing. And when you commit to drinking our coffees, you’re never settling. 

*This is a Whole Bean coffee and is not pre-ground


Jar not included


Divorce yourself from your less inspiring deserve better!