Irreconcilable Differences - (Light/Dark Blend Whole Bean 340g)

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Our Irreconcilable Differences Blend is a marriage of two very different beans. It may seem an odd pairing but who hasn’t been attracted to their opposite at least once? Differences needn’t be relationship deal breakers! Working it out just takes some work. So we put in the work to keep these two beans together. This blend’s light citrus and dark cocoa notes harmonize so well, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the effort behind this defiant coupling too!

This blend puts in the work! Move on and divorce yourself from your less committed coffee. You deserve better!

Origin: Central and South America

Flavour Notes: Citrus and honey notes, with a walnut and a dark chocolate finish. 

This surprising blend is a thoughtful marriage of dark and light roast, meticulously balanced by our Master Roaster.

Our coffees restore your faith in just how rewarding your relationship with coffee can be… Experiencing one of our coffees for the first time should have the excitement of a first date, your senses enlivened and that connection growing. And when you commit to drinking our coffees, you’re never settling.


*This is a Whole Bean coffee and is not pre-ground


Jar not included


Divorce yourself from your less inspiring deserve better!